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B2B SaaS

Time spent

~ 3 months

The project

Thinking of music authors’ rights and business owners’ safety, there was created Aura – a licensed, fully legal B2B music service that allows you to create AI-powered playlists, schedule them, and play music all day long.

Our role

We had a goal to create a visual brand identity and website to enable future users and potential clients the information about the application in the fastest and easiest way and make colors contrast clear for the same purpose.

Project Timeline

Logo Design

A word dropped from a song makes it all wrong. We also could not ignore one of the most important elements of Aura's identity - the logo. It was based on the sphere and sound waves, which are often found as design elements on the pages of Aura website.

The logo symbolises the sphere and sound waves, while text part is made from a bit rounded sans serif font.

Style Guides


The color palette of the website was deliberately chosen in order to captivate the user from the first seconds of visual music. We didn’t use abundant design elements, so the eye doesn’t stumble, doesn’t get stuck, but comfortably sinks in thanks to the magic play of mesh-gradient colors.


They say that the devil is in the details – and we totally agree with that. That is why we paid great attention to icons. For Aura, we use duotone minimalist icons in violet shades. But there’s one more thing that we love beside details: 3D. We turned some icons into 3D objects to add liveliness to the website.

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