Why Your Website Needs an Update?

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What’s in common between design, dev, and marketing? They become obsolete. Here are 3 reasons why a website update is important.

A website is not a fridge

For some people, it would be probably an invention, but a website that's intended to solve some business issues is not such kind of a product that could be created once, published, and then will be earning money forever. If you want the website to work and generate revenue, it should be updated and modernized from time to time. And this applies to everything, whether it's a visual part, content, or technologies that were used to build this website.

You can do this gradually, or you can go radical. Your choice. But creating it once and leaving as it is for years – is not the best idea for any business.

Excuse us such a comparison, but a business website is not a fridge that you bought when moving into a new apartment, and that seems to work forever without a hitch. The website is rather a smartphone that should be at least updated or even replaced. Otherwise, it starts to do more harm than good. So, how do you know that your existing website should be updated? Well, let's figure it out.

Clothes do not make the man, but...

We start from design reasons because a website is still a visual product. It's crucial to pay enough attention to visual aspects – after all, it's an online face of your business. The design quality of your website affects the feel of your product, services, or whatever you sell.

Website visual design

Some will say that a “hot or not“ story is a matter of taste and preferences. Maybe there is a man in this world who likes Amazon websites (we want to think that he is the only one, but who knows). Well, we wouldn't condemn him. But what is definitely worth condemning are “incredible” visual experiments that affect the website accessibility. We mean overly bright colors, low contrast for the sake of minimalism, or too creative navigation elements. Relatively recently, light gray texts on a white background were very trendy. Fortunately, these dark times in design are over.

Long story short: if you’ve noticed any of the issues I described above, start thinking about updating or even redesigning your website.

Another thing to consider is the visual outdatedness of your website. You can go through competitors' websites and compare them. If your website looks like an ugly duckling next to them, it is also a reason to think about changes.

Website user experience

However, the design is not only about how it looks, and not only about colors. So, what else is hidden behind the scenes of web design? Recently, people have been mentioning a lot about UX in design-related talks.

This site has a good UX and this one has a bad UX.

What UX actually is, and how to find out if it's your website's weak point? UX is about the user’s interaction with a website and his feelings about it. If a user leaves your website immediately when opening it (aka bounce rate) – he either didn't understand what you were offering him or didn't find what he was looking for. It may be a sign that the UX is not good enough, and it’s exactly what can be improved by good design.

Mobile user experience

Besides that, it’s worth paying enough attention to how your website looks on mobile phones and how your customers use it. Nowadays, more than half of the overall traffic comes from mobile devices, and it is a growing trend. If it's hard or impossible to use a website on mobile, then it's the right time to update it. And you better hurry up if your website opens in a desktop version and has a horizontal scroll on mobile.

Changing the marketing strategy

We’re moving smoothly from design to marketing because one is closely related to another.

For most businesses, one of the main reasons for a complete revision of the website is a marketing strategy change. Everything is changing, and sometimes a company brand either organically transforms over time, or the company decides to make a so-called pivot, and the current website becomes no longer relevant.

There are also situations when a company doesn't seem to have changed much, and the product remains the same, but the target audience not. And now, a site that was made in a "friendly" style doesn't bring clients from the "luxury" segment. The solution must be comprehensive where one of the points is a website redesign.

Your website can’t be outdated

Let's go back to the analogy from the article beginning. Why a website is not a fridge but rather a smartphone? All that because the world of the web has been evolving and is still evolving rapidly. Almost as fast as smartphones have developed in the last ten years. But we can’t say the same about the fridge world. Even if there are any changes, they are invisible to most people and the fridge that was bought five years ago still does his work excellently. But we can't say the same about the smartphone that was purchased at the same time. That's what I mean.

Technological development

Like a smartphone, a website in the context of rapid technological development requires at least an update from time to time and in some cases a complete re-do. Otherwise, it will be slow and useless and then will do more harm than good.

A lot has changed in ten years. And even Google search algorithms have changed. What was not important ten years ago now takes the first place in the search ranking system. For instance, page load speed or mobile appearance. All these were not so important or not important at all some time ago, but now it has been given a priority.

JAMstack architecture

That's partly why JAMstack architecture has come to us. In short, this architecture allows creating lightning-fast websites that are indexed by Google really well and rank higher than usual websites.

In addition, there is a huge variety of different CMS options (Content Management Systems). Both simple and complex, for every taste and budget. We can try any option and change it any time without much difficulty because headless solutions are gaining popularity right now. No more hard binding website markup to CMS as, for example, in the case of traditional WordPress. And even WordPress can be used as headless now. Amazing stuff! In general, there are various options out there. It’s worth thinking if your website tech stack is not outdated.

In conclusion

Well, what I can add is that sometimes it’s worth investing in a website update services. After all, a website is the online face of your business and certainly not a fridge.

If you have any questions and concerns, we are always happy to answer, help, consult, and just talk about JAMstack and headless approach as such. Feel free to write us at hello@unikorns.work.

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