When Do You Need a Website?

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We've prepared a small article to check whether your business can function without a professional website.

A professional website may boost your business and can help to create an army of loyal and satisfied customers. When can you do this on your own and be proud of yourself? And when do you need a web design studio to help you?

The first case

You think about your own business but not sure about its efficiency. Also, your business is not fastidious when it comes to website design, and it’s true to say that you’re just testing the demand rather than scaling your business. In this case, you can create a website by yourself or even deny it. Here are a few examples of how you could create a website by yourself.

  1. Social media public page. Well, it’s not a website. But at the very beginning of your business, this option can bring more benefits. Why it works well? It kills two birds with one stone: your group or a single page in social media is already a website and e-mail rolled up into one. Instagram is the best example of how you could manage your business without a website.
  2. The website builder. It's the easiest way to create a web-page, but you need basic design skills. This option could save you a lot of time because you can complete your website in a few hours. Advantages: you can test the organic traffic. Disadvantages: no variety in design and functionality, low webpage performance, and bad SEO.
  3. If the website builder doesn’t help, then try the CMS website. It’s a more difficult way of creating web pages, but a large number of free extensions and templates can help you to do it quickly. A lot of websites are made on free CMS like WordPress, but if you use WordPress, it will be hard to switch CMS because of linked templates. Also, there is a security weakness in plugins.

The second case

You do need a professional website, when:

  1. Your skills are not enough to create a good-looking and functional web page or you can’t do it at all;
  2. Your company began to expand or improve its product or service;
  3. In your business website determines the trust level of potential clients;
  4. The existing website is not good-looking, and you want to update it.

You should understand that website, which was created in a web studio, is a professional business product. First of all, because of functionality: you get all tools and functions that you need. Website builders and CMS with all variety and plenty of templates can’t respond to all requirements. So, if you need a website with complex functionality, it better to ask a professional digital-agency.

Where should you order a website?

  1. If you have a limited budget then you can choose a web studio which will create a good-looking web page on templates (website functionality will be limited too, of course);
  2. If you need a website with personalized design, then you need a web studio which doesn’t use templates;
  3. If you need to improve your brand positioning or/and conduct a comprehensive market analysis then 360 digital agency is a fit.

The final decision is always up to you. Want to know how do we work? Read more about our branding and website design processes!

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