In What Cases Landing Pages Won’t Help?

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Landing page or corporate website? Today we explain when a landing page works best, and when it doesn't.

You probably know about landing pages. It's a single-page website, which wants to sell you some service or product. "I will order a landing page and my business will blow up", - you might have thought. But it doesn't work that way. Here is why.

A single-page website is a problem solver. But what problem?

The landing page is a single-page website for selling products with a clearly expressed "Call to action" element. CTA is a suggestion to click on something, leave a request, and things like that. In most cases, a single-page website is for a single-product business. We've prepared a few cases where landing pages suit the most. And after, we'll consider when it better not to be used. Knowing that may help you to discover if a landing page can solve your particular problem.

Where are landing pages suite the most?


A single-page website shows the best efficiency in popular low-cost goods. The popular the product, the bigger the sales. Remember 2017 and fidget spinner madness? Those guys who had been creating landing pages for fidget spinners became millionaires.

Data collection

"Leave your number or email address, and get discounts or gifts" works pretty well for data collection. As a result, you get a bunch of clients' information to work with.

Selling complex one-time services

In this case, the landing page contains a feedback form: you have to fill it, and the manager will call you back. Recommended for the B2B sector.

In a conclusion: a one-page website is fine for selling a single product. If your business is just like this, then order the landing page, apply a typical sales scenario to it, and shovel up money! In comparison with a typical website, the CTR of landing pages is way higher. But don’t forget about the traffic, you need potential clients to make it work.

Where are landing pages suite the least?


The first sector where you shouldn’t use landing pages. The more kinds of products and services you can offer to the customer, the higher chance he will be confused. The potential client more likely will choose an online store because of clear navigation: searching and filtering goods are way better than trying to find what you need by yourself. You can’t create a single page online store. The only thing you can get is the client’s data, but selling this way won’t bring you any benefits.

Also, don’t forget about "hybrid web pages" - multi-page websites with constantly updating content. There may be several landing pages in its structure, but there is no access to other website sections. LP, as a part of the hybrid website, is an independent selling unit and it concentrates all ad traffic. Integrating LP in the website structure by links will lead to lower efficiency because customers may click on other links and leave the landing page.

SEO promotion

Google and other search engines prefer multi-page websites over landing pages and promote them way better. The more extensive your semantic core is, the higher you can climb in search engines.

Today, there is a big problem with classic SEO website promotion: old methods don’t work anymore, purchased links are forbidden, but useful content and multi-page websites work best.

Internet branding with LP

Landing pages are not the best choice in case of branding and rebranding. LP is good for selling, but it won’t make your brand recognizable. A company needs a good-looking corporate website and ad campaign to start building a brand. The single-page website converts traffic from contextual advertising into selling, but it doesn’t work well enough when it comes to brand recognition campaigns.


The efficiency of LP is quite low in brand building, increasing brand trust level, and in some types of selling.

The landing page is just one of the internet marketing tools, and you shouldn’t forget about that. Online store or corporate website is still better than LP in online sales. Landing pages will never replace a traditional website because it’s hard to promote it in search engines, and you can't apply content marketing to them. Therefore, we recommend you consider it as an addition to the main company website if there is such need. You can read more about whether you need a website on our blog!

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