How to Make Your Website Visible on the Web?

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What can make business more visible on the web? Here are a few tips on how to increase your presence online.

If you landed here, I assume you understand that being visible on the web is a crucial thing for your business nowadays.

But how to start? There is a popular trend of selling products via social media, especially Instagram. It’s understandable as you can get some clients in a fast manner just by giving few ads, but what’s next? Can you become a dominant player in your niche? Not sure, let’s take a closer look!

We treat social media as a good tool that can increase the traffic on your website, maybe bring you some clients, but still, more as an addition to the whole formed structure of your presence because as there is a social media world, there is a world of the whole web having own principles, structures and tools. You can imagine how big it is!

Regardless of whether you are a small company of 10 people or a big corp of 2000+ employees with a large sales department you need to follow those steps:

Optimize your website

You should get a website, a good website, an optimized website. No matter how good or bad you sell your product via any existing channels - a well-done website will boost your business by increasing the income of leads and building the identity of your brand. “But I'm not a developer, how do I get a website?”. Well, there are plenty of devs available for such a purpose.

There is an important thing you need to know about it - Google is a quite friendly engine that can give you organic traffic for free, but Google hangs out only with friends who are built properly, Google respects his time. Obviously, by “friends“ I mean websites and by hanging out - bots that crawl your website and decide on which page of a Google search you will appear. For that purpose the best solution is the JAMstack website as for today this technology is the fastest one available on market.

Design your website

You need to have a professional design on your website. If you already went through the article about the importance of SEO you know that your pages should be optimized, but have you ever landed on a "not best-looking" site from the first page of Google search results? Well, me too, that's because companies sometimes think that SEO is enough to sell anything from their page. The issue is much more complex in fact. You need to have a strong brand identity to run the cognitive processes of a potential client - and when you do, you increase the probability of getting remembered = more loyal, returning clients!

Invest in marketing

Did I promise the complexity? And here comes the next step - marketing. It may take (literally) years talking about marketing as a whole, but now let's focus on essentials:

  • Be present on social media. By presence I mean active engagement with internet society on every single SM platform your target audience (wide and broad) may be surfing. Interact with them, respond to comments, post high-value interesting content, start conversations and promote your website. Set your landing page in bio on Instagram, link to your site on LinkedIn, etc.

  • Get yourself some important tools, such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Search Console, etc. Many of them offer free basic tools or at least a trial period, but trust me, it's worth your time. Those tools can benefit your business by showing very important metrics, keywords, how people got to your website, who are those people (age, origin, etc.), and offer you ads to increase your traffic.

  • Or just simply hire the marketing agency. What is important here - make sure to choose the one that knows your business niche. Imagine you're working as a math teacher for your entire life and now you need to prepare a team for a football tournament, not the best choice of coach, is it?

You need to remember one important thing regarding this topic - the product does not exist until it gets promoted. Yes, there is such a great thing as "buzz", but in fact, it's also a cause of marketing strategy, so it's better not to rely on it if you're new in this party. Don't waste your money on all of the above if you're not planning to promote your website. But if you do, and you've read this article carefully and ready to start your online trip - we will work on your website so you can use those tips&tricks in real life.

See you!

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