Hi, we’re Unikorns. We make next-gen websites for modern businesses.

Progressive development architecture Jamstack and custom design - that's what makes our websites next-gen. Crafting with clear processes where every detail matters - that's what describes us best.


Look what we can create together, shoulder to shoulder. Great communication and well-built processes are the keys to the world of perfectly fitted projects.

About JAMstack technology

JAMstack is a modern approach to web development. This approach includes using Static Site Generators, Headless CMSs, and CDNs as a server. These three bring us to the next page section - JAMstack benefits.

JAMstack Benefits


Thanks to Static Site Generator website prerenders before the user makes a request. Also, the website rebuilds on-demand only when source code or content in CMS changes.

Highly stable and secure

The website will never crush unless the whole CDN (Content Delivery Network) crushes. But it's very unlikely.

Low-cost maintenance

The cost for the infrastructure is lower than the traditional approach because it does not require constant computing power.


If you suddenly want to change a CMS, it’s not a problem. Thanks to Headless СMS, only URL should be changed, and probably just a couple of things in source code.

Our Tools




Custom Design

No great website without custom design. We don’t use trivial templates! Just uniqueness and pure creativity. We leverage our knowledge in minimalistic UI and clear UX to help your business stand out and glisten.

Identity Refreshment

“Just like all people, companies have their personalities”. This statement from Our Mission refers directly to branding. We can refresh your brand identity with basic guidelines for your company as an addition to website development.


About Us

As passionate designers and developers, we love building products that are easy, usable, neat, and appealing. We explore, design, and code for your business’s success. Unikorns means people who care about quality and professional relationships.

Our Mission

Just like all people, companies have their personalities. Our mission is to help businesses and people express their true uniqueness. We want to work with you side by side to give the best experience and precious emotions you will remember. “Every detail matters” is our motto.

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Check these frequently asked questions to see if we have a match.

It depends on the type and complexity of the project. To understand the scope of work, we need to know whether you need a brand identity, design, development, or both. It's also important to know what pages you would like to have on your website or what functionality the app should have. But let us take care of it. Just drop us a line or and we will ask you everything we need to start.

We love working with rapidly growing companies that need a support in design and development to grow even faster. Primarily, we work with technology SMBs and funded startups that develop SaaS, property, educational, communication, financial products. But we're always open to new opportunities.

We have a big trusted partnership network. Drop us a line if you would like to know if we can handle your project. If not, be sure that we will help you to find the one who can.

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